MALAIKARAISS stands for lasting styles of feminine ease, quality and a conscious mindset.

We don’t identify as a 100% sustainable brand and have been pretty reserved about this topic in the past, because becoming the most responsible version of ourselves is an ongoing journey.

We follow a sustainability agenda, with new goals set every season, for the upcoming years.

We are committed to make more responsible decisions, develop holistic products and services.

To inspire you to make conscious choices and build for longevity.

To minimize our social and environmental impact thriving towards a greener future – we are in this together.

To ensure a transparent supply chain, we work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers, mostly family-run businesses, almost entirely based in Europe, that we keep on challenging season after season to do better. 

Family business also means a fair and safe work environment, paying above minimum wage, flexible job models and to keep up a constant dialogue about making sure that we work in favor of people, animals and the planet.

Together We have created a refined (streamlined) day to night wardrobe dedicated to the product: defining and developing quality pieces and a collection that transcends trends and seasons – long-time favorites.

We are still at the beginning of our sustainability journey, but we are in this together.

Our aim is to grow our market share as a conscious brand.

Download our sustainability report below to learn more about MALAIKARAISS’ ambitions and what steps have been taken so far: