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Ear­rings PALM TREE 3D



set of two golden palm shaped earrings

mater­i­al: brass 24ct gold plated / cul­tiv­ated sweet water pearl

dia­met­er: 2.5 cm.

no pierced ears necessary

Avoid dir­ect con­tact with water and chem­ic­al products e.g. soap & perfume.

Made in Germany

Set aus zwei Ohr­rin­gen in Palmenform

Mater­i­al: 24ct ver­gol­detes Mess­ing / Süßwasserzuchtperle

Durchmess­er: 2.5 cm.

kein Pier­cing notwendig

Direk­ten Kon­takt mit Wasser und chemischen Produk­ten wie Seife & Par­füm vermeiden.

Made in Germany


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